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A105: Secret Sauce of Search

Track A: (International Ballroom Center) —  Discovery, Navigation, & Search – Monday 23 October 
16:15 – 17:00
San Carlos 1 & 2

Search isn’t magic, but knowing some magic tricks can help you be a better searcher, coach, and instructor. Internet Librarians have long considered advanced search features to be an integral part of their toolkit. As web search engines degrade or disable these features, new tricks are needed. The shift in search from simple information retrieval to visualization, prediction, analysis, and cognitive computing changes where we search, what we expect to find, and how we teach others about search.

Presented by: Marydee Ojala

NETWORKING RECEPTION in the Sponsor Showcase

Track A: (International Ballroom Center) —  Discovery, Navigation, & Search – Monday 23 October 
17:00 – 18:00
San Carlos 1 & 2

Information Today, Inc. invites all conference registrants and exhibitors to this special Networking Reception in the Sponsor Showcase. This is a great time to gather with fellow Internet Librarians and suppliers, renew acquaintances, meet new colleagues, sample tasty goodies, and check out the latest products and services in a relaxed atmosphere.

Innovating, Experimenting & Building a Future of Libraries in a Digital Transformation

Keynote – Tuesday 24 October 
08:45 – 09:45

As a former journalist, our speaker has a unique perspective on the future of libraries and the challenges of digital transformation. Hear his insights and ideas as well as some of the innovative and creative experiments in and with libraries currently underway in California.


Presented by: Greg Lucas

A201: From Concept to Table: Restaurant Makerspace Model

Track A: (International Ballroom Center) —  Innovative Spaces – Tuesday 24 October 
10:30 – 11:15

A successful makerspace demands a unique service model, and the librarian-at-the-desk ain’t it. Whether you’re just pitching your makerspace plan today or you’ve been making for years, this talk challenges you to remix your preconceived notions of service to develop a fast casual restaurant model. How do you create a welcoming environment where everyone can comfortably fail, succeed, and learn? How do you empower makers while preserving equipment (and your budget)? How do you play to a variety of staff strengths in a fast-moving environment? Hit the sweet spot between the full dining experience and a self-serve buffet with librarians on their feet, stoking the oven along with patrons, guiding them through the entire meal from scratch to dining room. Speakers share the secrets of Winnetka-Northfield Public Library District’s Studio, a thriving makerspace serving everything from classic art to high-tech experiences in a collaborative, creative environment.

Presented by: Emily Compton-Dzak, Michael Cianfrani

A202: Top Tech for Your New & Old Spaces!

Track A: (International Ballroom Center) —  Innovative Spaces – Tuesday 24 October 
11:30 – 12:15

Hold onto your seat as our leading-edge tech guru (yes, our Games & Gadget Guy) speeds through a wide range of awesome maker tech for your innovative library space. Don’t try to take notes, as his slides are shared so you can share with your colleagues too! From robots to circuits to coding, he covers it all.

Presented by: Brian Pichman

A203: Exploration Hub: Creativity, Collaboration, Community

Track A: (International Ballroom Center) —  Innovative Spaces – Tuesday 24 October 
13:30 – 14:30

How can a technology lab provide a space for creativity and collaboration within your community? Librarians tell the story of the Carlsbad City Library Exploration HUB from concept to reality, describing challenges, successes, and ROI. During a 2015–16 renovation, a staff area was repurposed into patron space, where patrons explore new technology, take classes, and pursue their own creative endeavors. Hear about hardware, software, network capabilities, funding sources, staffing models, class schedules, staff training, and volunteer recruitment. Averaging 45 classes per month taught by librarians, library technicians, and volunteers, they cover Arduino, 3D design, photo editing, and paper/vinyl crafting. Kopecky discusses the journey to create a regular makerspace for a 2-year college. From the ground up, they blazed a trail, finding literature on makerspaces in schools mainly focused on public libraries and some 4-year academic libraries, but little information available for their specific type of school. With help from a variety of sources, and with boundless enthusiasm, they began a pop-up makerspace in the library. A new grant has allowed them to engage with various community stakeholders and learn more about the maker community, both inside and outside of California. Get tips and tricks on how to create your own library technology space. Our last speakers talk about how to maximum your budget for STEAM programs with fun and innovative activities. From simple to more in-depth experiments, gain some hands-on experience by using your everyday skills to complete a STEAM challenge. Get some practical advice to take the fear out of hosting a science-based library program—without the science background. Come ready to ask all your STEAM-related questions.

Presented by: Andrea Hilliard, Maile McKeon, Susie Kopecky, Joanna Ritchie, David Janning