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D303: Projects, Data, Outcomes: Support for Strategic Planning

Track C: (Jefferson) —  Management: Decision Making – Wednesday 25 October 
13:30 – 14:15

As libraries become increasingly data-driven, the need for usable data that demonstrates outcomes in our strategic planning expands. Learn how and Richland Library and Sno-Isle Libraries are creating and navigating data and project processes to inform decisions and measure organizational and community impact. Attendees will also learn about how our roles in data analysis and project management help service managers to implement and operationalize our strategic plan. Our lessons learned are applicable to libraries of all sizes and geographic distribution. Please join the discussion and help our learning too!

Presented by: Christa Werle, Lindsay Hanson, Sarah Sawicki

D304: Library & Digital Transformation

Track C: (Jefferson) —  Management: Decision Making – Wednesday 25 October 
14:30 – 15:15

Inspired by Patrick Losinsky of Columbus Metropolitan Library, David Lankes, and an analysis of major societal trends, a wholly new strategy for Copenhagen Libraries was undertaken. A large sum from the city to implement the new strategy, led to major changes in service, physical space and competence development programs. Now, the libraries are working on a digital overhaul and reconceptualisation at a time when the status of e-lending itself is being hotly debated in Europe following a bold ruling by the European Court of Justice. Hear about their decision making process and get insights and ideas from our speaker!

Presented by: Mikkel Christoffersen, Rie Bojer Kooistra

Future Focus Panel

Closing Keynote – Wednesday 25 October 
15:30 – 16:30

Our panel discusses their thoughts about the ROI magic sauce for the library and information community of the future. What combination of learning, technology, and collaboration will spark innovation and creativity? Have an impact on our various communities? Ensure we are vital to the communities which thrive? From a tech expert, an engagement specialist, and our other panelists – they will make you think!

Presented by: Larry Magid, Bobbi L. Newman, Misty Jones, Gary Shaffer