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E303: Getting the Right Fit & Looking Forward

Track C: (Lincoln)  —  Building Blocks for the Future – Wednesday 25 October 
13:30 – 14:15

Finding the right staff is one of the biggest challenges for all organizations, including libraries. And long term talent management, succession planning, and skill building are right up there in staffing challenges. This session focuses on sizing up the organization to see if it has the right ecosystem (staff and community) for your goals, researching the right steps for building your skills, evaluating teams to see what skills are missing, coaching and mentoring, and other topics to be considered for building the best staff for your community success.

Presented by: Corinne Hill, Dee Magnoni

E304: Research We Can Use

Track C: (Lincoln)  —  Building Blocks for the Future – Wednesday 25 October 
14:30 – 15:15

There is a lot of research being conducted that benefits libraries, but it only reaches a fraction of the people and libraries that would find it useful. This research helps libraries show their value and can be extended and replicated to show specific results for individual libraries. Learn about the latest research that you can use to demonstrate how libraries make a difference in their communities, and how your library can replicate these methodologies to tell your story.

Future Focus Panel

Closing Keynote – Wednesday 25 October 
15:30 – 16:30

Our panel discusses their thoughts about the ROI magic sauce for the library and information community of the future. What combination of learning, technology, and collaboration will spark innovation and creativity? Have an impact on our various communities? Ensure we are vital to the communities which thrive? From a tech expert, an engagement specialist, and our other panelists – they will make you think!

Presented by: Larry Magid, Bobbi L. Newman, Misty Jones, Gary Shaffer