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A303: Lessons Learned From Systems Migration

Track A: (International Ballroom Center) —  Tech Tools – Wednesday 25 October 
13:30 – 14:15

The library card catalog has gone through many evolutions, with the current one being the web-based library services platform (LSP). This new system is cloud-based with an advanced set of features from searching to managing electronic/digital collections. The integration of print and e-collections has become a demand from patrons. Although the decision to migrate library data from a current integrated library system to a library services platform can be daunting, it may be necessary to remain relevant to your library patrons. The Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes are time-consuming yet necessary steps to help ensure a proper choice that will fit your metadata, patron needs, and budget. DALNET (Detroit Area Library Network) completed a system migration in under a calendar year. Because its consortium runs 16 separate library catalogs, as well as using the same integrated library system (ILS) for 20 years, this process was all-encompassing. The presentation includes timeline structure and includes everything from the RFI stage to adjustments after the go-live date, including lessons learned, tasks that went well and some that could have been improved, the importance of communication, and, most pivotal, helping their membership manage change.

Presented by: Cathy Wolford

C303: Embedding the Library in the CMS

Track C: (International Ballroom West) —  Learning: At the Heart of Libraries – Wednesday 25 October 
13:30 – 14:15

Ten years ago it was recommended that the University Library shouldn’t be “outside” the Course Management System (CMS) but “Instead, the CMS serve as a door to the library.” This session focuses on Oklahoma State University Library’s experiences being embedded CMS; the outcomes of reviewing this situation and moving to a cloud-based CMS; and an overview of today’s design, success and changes.

Presented by: Roy Degler

B304: Changing Models/Roles: Competencies & PD Insights

Track B: (International Ballroom East) —  Innovation, Insights & Investment – Wednesday 25 October 
14:30 – 15:15

Based on work done during the last few years, TPL tackles the evolving nature of librarianship in a changing service environment. Libraries everywhere are responding to users’ changing interests and new ways of sharing information. The Role of the Librarian initiative creates opportunities for librarians to maximize the use of their professional skills. Get the details about new models for service delivery, learn about capacity building through a mandatory professional development (PD) program, and hear the top competencies for 21st-century librarians.

Presented by: Kim Huntley, Heather Mathis

D304: Library & Digital Transformation

Track C: (Jefferson) —  Management: Decision Making – Wednesday 25 October 
14:30 – 15:15

Inspired by Patrick Losinsky of Columbus Metropolitan Library, David Lankes, and an analysis of major societal trends, a wholly new strategy for Copenhagen Libraries was undertaken. A large sum from the city to implement the new strategy, led to major changes in service, physical space and competence development programs. Now, the libraries are working on a digital overhaul and reconceptualisation at a time when the status of e-lending itself is being hotly debated in Europe following a bold ruling by the European Court of Justice. Hear about their decision making process and get insights and ideas from our speaker!

Presented by: Mikkel Christoffersen, Rie Bojer Kooistra

A304: NASA@ My Library

Track A: (International Ballroom Center) —  Tech Tools – Wednesday 25 October 
14:30 – 15:15

Celebrate the excitement of NASA exploration and discovery through upcoming national events and resources provided through the STAR Library Education Network (STAR_Net)! Seventy-five libraries across the nation were selected through a competitive application process to become NASA@ My Library partners. Join STAR_Net and NASA@ My Library partners for tips on leading educational, fun STEM programming for all ages. Take home resources and ideas for hosting science events in your community.

Presented by: Keliann LaConte, David Janning, Joanna Ritchie, Kevin Tolley

E304: Research We Can Use

Track C: (Lincoln)  —  Building Blocks for the Future – Wednesday 25 October 
14:30 – 15:15

There is a lot of research being conducted that benefits libraries, but it only reaches a fraction of the people and libraries that would find it useful. This research helps libraries show their value and can be extended and replicated to show specific results for individual libraries. Learn about the latest research that you can use to demonstrate how libraries make a difference in their communities, and how your library can replicate these methodologies to tell your story.

C304: Sparking Learning in the Digital Age

Track C: (International Ballroom West) —  Learning: At the Heart of Libraries – Wednesday 25 October 
14:30 – 15:15

Academic and public libraries face the same challenges of enticing people to learn in an increasingly digital environment with different devices and digital resources. Luster starts the conversation describing how Bloomingdale Public has shifted their patron workshops to meet the needs of multi-platforms. Penn State U speakers report on the process and results of creating a connected library experience for new online learners. Using microcredentialing (digital badges), librarians created an orientation to introduce students to essential library skills that has sparked a new level of engagement for the students.

Presented by: Sean Luster, Anne Behler, Victoria Raish

Future Focus Panel

Closing Keynote – Wednesday 25 October 
15:30 – 16:30

Our panel discusses their thoughts about the ROI magic sauce for the library and information community of the future. What combination of learning, technology, and collaboration will spark innovation and creativity? Have an impact on our various communities? Ensure we are vital to the communities which thrive? From a tech expert, an engagement specialist, and our other panelists – they will make you think!

Presented by: Larry Magid, Bobbi L. Newman, Misty Jones, Gary Shaffer