Friday- 10/19/2018

Friday Satellite Meeting in Conjunction with the Monterey Public Library

SolveSessions: Collaborative Creative & Critical Thinking

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM – Empowering better global citizens by solving global goals is the intention of these SolveSessions, which are based on social learning theory and methods designed to develop critical thinking. This 1-day free training session provides the tools and techniques for you to work with your community to grow global citizens by learning to solve problems. The SolveSessions platform encourages the sharing of knowledge, technology, and experiences to enable curiosity and creativity. The tools empower successful empathetic problem solvers and lifelong learners, exactly the audience of our library communities. This immersive problem-solving session uses SolveOS transformative methodology and tools to exponentially accelerate your community’s time to alignment, insight, and action on any problem you choose to solve. You can start using these solving methods with your kids, teens, students, adults, or whoever makes up your community. If you can answer this question, “What problem do you want to solve?” or want to hear the answer from your community, this workshop is for you! Join a number of speakers from Internet Librarian and get the tools, processes, and techniques to make SolveSessions happen in your community. Includes lunch and refreshments.