A103: Practitioners Panel: Search Tips & Millennial Searcher Secrets

Track A: (International Ballroom Center) —  Discovery, Navigation, & Search – Monday 23 October 
13:30 – 14:30
San Carlos 1 & 2

This fast-paced session features a panel of practitioners and a Millennial searcher who share their search techniques and strategies, approaches to fake news, and more. Adegoke starts with searching tips. With “post-truth” as Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year for 2016, and “fake news” pulling thousands of articles on Factiva, Affelt discusses IFLA’s infographic, Reuters editor-in-chief Steve Adler’s edict of best practices, and other techniques to assist public librarians helping patrons to avoid falling victim to scams and hoaxes; news librarians guiding reporters through the minefield of this Brave New World; academic librarians tasked with ensuring sound science and intellectual thought; and corporate or law firm librarians working on highstakes deals or litigation to avoid the “permanent exclusive” (first but wrong). Reamy describes the use of a number of text analytics approaches that range from comparing patterns of words that can distinguish fake news from real to categorizing the content of news more accurately and consistently, thus flagging inappropriate news.

Presented by: Kudirat Abiola Adegoke, Amy Affelt, Tom Reamy