B101: Content & Features Reno: Less Is More

Track B: (International Ballroom East) —  Web Site Usability & Functionality – Monday 23 October 
10:30 – 11:15

The libraries’ web team recently completed an 18-month redesign, re-architecture and platform migration of the Penn State University Libraries website. The result? A services-focused site that connects users with the content they need more easily and efficiently. In the process, the team cut the amount of content tenfold, reduced the number of authors by hundreds, simplified the author workflow, streamlined its web governance and laser- focused the development process on functionality that could be re-created for items such as hours of operation, alerts, and external service integrations. Presenters provide details on the planning, development, and rolling migration process, highlighting what worked and what didn’t, and how they achieved stakeholder buy-in as they reduced web overhead. Hear how the team plans to sustain what they have achieved, their next steps in iterating on what was accomplished, and tactics for continuing to make the site better for users.

Presented by: Binky Lush, Charles Morris