E201: From Resistant to Reader: How One High School Created a Reading Culture

Track C: (Lincoln)  —  Internet@Schools – Tuesday 24 October 
10:30 – 11:15

During the past 4 years, the collaborative focus of the Eureka High School (EHS) library and the English department has been to build reading pleasure and stamina in students and across campus. With a nod to Kittle’s book of the same name, the EHS “Book Love” efforts have produced surprising results, often in unexpected areas. In this session, hear stories of students (and staff) attempting the leap from “resistant” to reader; empirical data drawn from the multi-year effort; findings from formal program evaluations; and lessons learned throughout the years. Participants learn how collaborative online technologies formed part of both the process and its assessment. Speakers share concrete steps and transferable ideas that can be adapted to serve other schools and libraries as well.

Presented by: Janie Pickett, Becky Stevenson