Internet Librarian 2017 Speaker List

Debbie Abilock Rigele Abilock Stephen Abram Kudirat Abiola Adegoke Amy Affelt Francine Alt-Greene Michelle Amores Sean Anderson Patrick Armatis Jaime Barrilleaux Paul Barrows Mary Ellen Bates Anne Behler Tasha Bergson-Michelson Ben Bizzle Erik Boekesteijn Lee Boulie Marshall Breeding Leizel Jackson Case Frank Cervone Eric Chan Mikkel Christoffersen Michael Cianfrani Tod Colegrove Emily Compton-Dzak Deirdre Costello … Continue reading Internet Librarian 2017 Speaker List

B103: Successful Website Tools & Techniques

Track B: (International Ballroom East) —  (International Ballroom East) —  Web Site Usability & Functionality – Monday 23 October 13:30 – 14:30 Costello discusses the use of enthographic research and how to use this method to reach out and gather data to learn how people use our websites. She describes using the Harry Potter characters to represent styles—Hermione Granger’s (what we … Continue reading B103: Successful Website Tools & Techniques

Costello, Deirdre

Deirdre CostelloPrincipal UX ResearcherEBSCO Information Services LinkedIn | Twitter Deirdre Costello is Principal UX Researcher at EBSCO Information Services. She is passionate about discovering how technologies fit into users’ lives and their pursuit of information. Deirdre is a librarian, and has a background in research, analysis and writing.