Internet Librarian 2017 Speaker List

Debbie Abilock Rigele Abilock Stephen Abram Kudirat Abiola Adegoke Amy Affelt Francine Alt-Greene Michelle Amores Sean Anderson Patrick Armatis Jaime Barrilleaux Paul Barrows Mary Ellen Bates Anne Behler Tasha Bergson-Michelson Ben Bizzle Erik Boekesteijn Lee Boulie Marshall Breeding Leizel Jackson Case Frank Cervone Eric Chan Mikkel Christoffersen Michael Cianfrani Tod Colegrove Emily Compton-Dzak Deirdre Costello … Continue reading Internet Librarian 2017 Speaker List

E302: Upping Our Game With Customer Experience

Track C: (International Ballroom West) —  (Lincoln)  —  Building Blocks for the Future – Wednesday 25 October 11:15 – 12:15 Our experienced practitioners from one of the world’s largest public libraries share strategies and practices for enhancing customer experience in libraries, from customer service, easyto- use digital resources, creative innovation and making spaces, and a huge range of programs. Get … Continue reading E302: Upping Our Game With Customer Experience

B304: Changing Models/Roles: Competencies & PD Insights

Track B: (International Ballroom East) —  (International Ballroom East) —  Innovation, Insights & Investment – Wednesday 25 October 14:30 – 15:15 Based on work done during the last few years, TPL tackles the evolving nature of librarianship in a changing service environment. Libraries everywhere are responding to users’ changing interests and new ways of sharing information. The Role of the Librarian … Continue reading B304: Changing Models/Roles: Competencies & PD Insights

Mathis, Heather

Heather MathisManager, Learning, Innovation & Resource PlanningService Development and InnovationToronto Public Library Heather has worked for the Toronto Public Library since 1998 in a variety of roles. Right now she is responsible for services relating to digital innovation, user education and community engagement.  She takes a leadership role with staff resource planning, working to ensure that … Continue reading Mathis, Heather