Internet Librarian 2017 Speaker List

Debbie Abilock Rigele Abilock Stephen Abram Kudirat Abiola Adegoke Amy Affelt Francine Alt-Greene Sean Anderson Robert Anstett Patrick Armatis Jennifer Baker Jaime Barrilleaux Paul Barrows Mary Ellen Bates Anne Behler Tasha Bergson-Michelson Ben Bizzle Erik Boekesteijn Lee Boulie Marshall Breeding Bryan Carter Lainie Castle Eric Chan Mikkel Christoffersen Michael Cianfrani Tod Colegrove Emily Compton-Dzak Deirdre … Continue reading Internet Librarian 2017 Speaker List

C203: Negotiating Skills & License Agreements

Track C: (International Ballroom West) —  (International Ballroom West) —  Content Management – Tuesday 24 October 13:30 – 14:30 Libraries in all verticals are facing budget cuts. Hear from the author of the definitive book on how to more effectively negotiate econtent licenses with vendors about how to achieve better deals with vendors, resulting in more money for the library. Then … Continue reading C203: Negotiating Skills & License Agreements

B203: Partnering for Broader Impact

Track B: (International Ballroom East) —  (International Ballroom East) —  Enterprise: Tools, Tech & New Roles – Tuesday 24 October 13:30 – 14:30 This session focuses on two examples of libraries partnering to make an impact on different communities. Kendall draws on 15 years of experience of transferring medical library knowledge and practices to Ethiopia. The volunteer medical staff (including doctors … Continue reading B203: Partnering for Broader Impact

Kendall, Sandra

Sandra KendallDirectorTorontoMount Sinai Hospital Sandra Kendall is currently Director of the Health Sciences Library at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Since completing her masters degree in Library Science from the University of Toronto she has worked in corporate, public and not-for-profit libraries and has extensive business experience. She has presented at major library conferences … Continue reading Kendall, Sandra