Internet Librarian 2017 Speaker List

Debbie Abilock Rigele Abilock Stephen Abram Kudirat Abiola Adegoke Amy Affelt Francine Alt-Greene Sean Anderson Robert Anstett Patrick Armatis Jennifer Baker Jaime Barrilleaux Paul Barrows Mary Ellen Bates Anne Behler Tasha Bergson-Michelson Ben Bizzle Erik Boekesteijn Lee Boulie Marshall Breeding Bryan Carter Lainie Castle Eric Chan Mikkel Christoffersen Michael Cianfrani Tod Colegrove Emily Compton-Dzak Deirdre … Continue reading Internet Librarian 2017 Speaker List

E103: Teaching Students to Distinguish Evidence From Argument

Track C: (International Ballroom West) —  (Lincoln)  —  Internet@Schools – Monday 23 October 12:30 – 13:30 When students pick up a nonfiction text, they tend to approach it either as offering an opinion or presenting evidence. In reality, sources contain both elements. Library instruction often assumes that when students evaluate sources, they naturally know how to distinguish between the two. … Continue reading E103: Teaching Students to Distinguish Evidence From Argument

Bergson-Michelson, Tasha

Tasha Bergson-MichelsonInstructional and Programming LibrarianCastilleja School Twitter | Google+ Since 1995, Tasha has been exploring what makes for successful information literacy instruction in corporate, non-profit, subscription, and school libraries, and through aferschool programs and summer camps. Most recently, Tasha was the Search Educator at Google, where she wrote lesson plans, the Power Searching MOOCs, and … Continue reading Bergson-Michelson, Tasha